Bulk SMS

Our system allows clients to set their own sender’s ID which can be individual name or company name. Our range of SMS gateway API allows you to quickly send multiple SMS messages through your website applications and database. Our SMS API is built in a straightforward manner to ensure hassle-free integration with our SMS gateway. Our State-of-the-art messaging platform gives you the opportunity to schedule your SMS.

Mobile Advertising or Marketing: Currently, in Ghana there are more than 22 million users of mobile phone. It is, therefore, a mass communication instrument of life time habit, an indispensable accessory, which by all standards allows the technological advancement in service provision.

The birth of this new technological system has come to transform the trend of communication in Africa. The mobile phone has been transformed into a complex electronic instrument, which allows people or businesses to send marketing SMS to their clients or customers. The bulk SMS allows clients to contacts millions of customers or people within a twinkle of an eye at very competitive prices.

The bulk SMS has become the most powerful or useful marketing tool in the pocket of Africans. Electronic business is able to carry out digital communication campaigns with cellular phones at competitive prices. The bulk SMS is used by media companies, enterprises, banks etc. for marketing and fraud control.

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